Tune in tonight at 9:30pm pst, 11:30pm cst and 12:30pm est tonight as Constipated Samurai and I talk about our project Sketches-The Animated Series with the guys of Geek Pile hope to see you there!


Hey everyone! Come join me and Constipated Samurai tomorrow night Sunday at 9:30pm pacific for an interview with the guys of Geek Pile to support our series "Sketches The Animated Series" be sure to tune in and spread the word!


We Need Your Help!

2014-11-20 01:38:16 by DoMiNoVoX

I am happy to officially announce that a good bunch of Voice Acting/Animation friends and myself are in this awesome project "Sketches-The Animated Series" by Constipated Samurai. We need your help in funding this awesome series please take a moment to check it out and or donate anything helps, the series will have an amazing cast of voice actors and animators plus if you help fund the project you get some really cool stuff it's a win win! So please take a moment to check out the link below and share it with your friends hope to see you soon!


Halloween 2014 surprise

2014-10-31 01:21:10 by DoMiNoVoX

Got something special on the way to celebrate the most scary day of the year keep those peepers on the look out!

It's official everyone atheatricalsongbird and I will be voice acting for Reklesscreati0n's Newgrounds series "800 Miles Down", I honestly can't tell you how truly excited I am for this project and from what I've seen it's going to be awesome. There are still a couple roles open for auditions until Dec 16, so if you're a voice actor and looking for a new project to audition for then here's a link to the audition post which you can find here (Link) and I want to wish you all good luck to those who do audition.

Voice Acting Update Dec 2013

2013-12-03 00:20:25 by DoMiNoVoX

Hello there! It's been awhile hasn't it? well in October I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled and was unable to voice act for a while but now I'm back and have some amazing news!

I will officially be voice acting in my very first Newgrounds series, with a very good friend of mine by the name of atheatricalsongbird and I honestly can't wait I'm not going to spoil anything but I will say this, the person we are working with is an awesome animator and I think it's something everyone will enjoy so stay tuned for more updates.

Voice Acting updated

2013-05-08 15:15:06 by DoMiNoVoX

Hey everyone I've got some really awesome voice acting projects coming up in the future one that you should all check that me and my good friend anjidu are apart of is the Retrology series which you can find here:

but I will be sure to keep you all updated with my voice work in the future